The tools we use in our work
Google Ads
Google Analytics
Facebook Ads
Google Tag
Google Data
Google Shopping
Google Optimize
and more than 20 other
tools & services
Professional team
Reasons why we are trusted
Google Certified Partner
…and also,
Each of our employees has a comprehensive experience of work in digital marketing. Our specialists have experience working with small businesses and large e-commerce projects already receiving high traffic.
Google confirms the effectiveness of our team – we are a certified Google advertising partner.
Comprehensive expertise
Transparent cooperation
We are ready to develop and implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your business. Our team includes SEO, PPC, SMM, Email marketing, and CRO experts, which allows us to build multi-channel promotion strategies and consider all the details.
You will have access to all accounts and reports to control every step in promoting your business. Our team will provide you with weekly performance reports and recommendations for further progress.
We have spent over $500,000 promoting our flagship product, tripmydream flight and travel search. From our experience, we know how to work with each traffic channel and effectively use every penny of the advertising budget.
tripmydream in the numbers
2 500 000+
sessions per month
180 000+
followers on Facebook
270 000+
users in the Email database
149 000+
subscribers on Telegram
423 000+
subscribers on YouTube
132 000+
Instagram followers
60 000+
flight searches per day
24 Tools used in a digital marketing strategy
600 000+
travel-media readers
How it works
We confirm goals and promotion tasks with you
We prepare a strategy for promoting your product and select tools for effective promotion
We draw up a media plan and forecast traffic, advertising budget and conversions
Agree on a promotion plan with you and sign an agreement
Scale advertising campaigns to increase the number of customers
Regularly analyze the results and optimize settings to improve the effectiveness of advertising
Launch advertising campaigns and set up all the necessary tools to attract potential customers to your site
Set up web analytics to measure the effectiveness of each traffic channel
Testing new tools and looking for growth points
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Our clients
…and more than 50 other projects
Our services
Google Ads, Google Shopping,
Google Merchant Center
  • development of a promotion strategy
  • collection of semantics and negative words
  • preparation of ad texts
  • targeting setting
  • tracking user actions (goals)
  • remarketing setup
  • Google Tag Manager setup
  • setting up Google Analytics
  • setting up approved advertising campaigns
  • optimization and management of advertising campaigns
Targeted advertising
Facebook, Instagram
  • development of a promotion strategy
  • analysis of competitors' advertisements
  • formation of advertising messages
  • study of the target audience, its segmentation
  • structuring advertising campaigns
  • creation of graphic content
  • Facebook pixel customization
  • analysis of the obtained results
  • optimization and scaling of advertising campaigns
  • report on the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
Optimization and analytics
Google Analytics,
Google Data Studio, Facebook Pixel
  • We devote most of our time to analytics and traffic optimization so that our client receives more targeted requests at a price lower than his competitor pays and subsequently increases the share of conversions.
  • We aim to promote the project so that the profitability is as high as possible.
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